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Serving Owners and Operators Everywhere, Since 1976


Since April 1976, the Roebuck family has been providing industrial services and manufacturing solutions to owner-operators worldwide.

Initially called “Golden Triangle Constructors” (GTC), Echo Group has grown into a network of affiliated companies that provide a single source for everything petrochemical and chemical businesses might need in their capital construction, maintenance, and turnaround efforts.

Today’s vertical and horizontal integration of all core services and capabilities under one ownership structure means responsiveness to need, cost savings, consistent safety and quality, and customer success.

For the past 49 years, the Echo family of companies has completed thousands of projects, with most of the area refineries and chemical plants, and with a dedicated group of employees.

Echo is committed to safety and service for each customer, passing on these values to the next generation of company leaders. And Echo is active in our local communities donating to a wide array of local, state, and national group—including sponsoring youth organizations.


Echo Group continues to be led by the Roebuck family. As the oldest and largest locally-owned contractor in the markets we serve, Mike Roebuck continues to lead the charge in dependability, productivity, safety, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Echo continues to lead with our customers, having long-term productive relationships and becoming an integral part of their businesses.

An Award Winning Organization

Echo Group is constantly awarded for our work and safety record, quality of products and responsiveness to customer needs, and for the value we deliver.

We’ve been recognized by Industrial Safety Training Council, Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance, Houston Business Roundtable, the National Comission for the Certification of Crane Operators, ExxonMobil, TotalEnergies, Chevron-Phillips, and Valero.


Years in Business

Awards Earned

Successful Projects

Skilled Professionals


Creating Lasting Asset Value and Contribution

Most industrial general contractors, field services, and manufacturing companies focus solely on the project. We’re different. While we focus on the project success, everything we do is designed around improving your long-term asset performance, contribution, and value.

Our Mission
  • Continuous Safety Improvement – Every Project, Every Day
  • Dedication to Success of Our Customers and Employees
  • Integrity, Confidentiality, and Respect for all Customers, Employees, and Contractors
  • Protect Our Customer’s Economic Resources
  • Complete Every Project Right, the First Time
  • Rely on Audits and KPIs to Prove Cost-Effectiveness
  • Continuous, Long-term Financial Strength & Stability
Health & Safety

Echo Group has an award winning safety culture, programs, and training. Our perpetual goal is zero recordables.

We rigorously adhere to our customer and industry standards through comprehensive internal processes that ensure:

  • Competency: Skilled Training Programs and Certifications
  • Safety Culture: Weekly audits, site audits, behavior observation, validated task completion audits, management assessments, worker location audits, a 52-week training program, supervisor training, and JSA evaluations and process audits
  • Hazard Recognition and Identification: Crew-generated JSA processes, audits, and training for everyone including supervisors

In each project, in every task, and every day Echo Group drives a comprehensive safety culture to protect our customers and our people.

Our People

We successfullly attract, train, reward, and retain the best in specialty craft and manufacturing workers.

Our consistent and predictable workforce means you often see the same people year after year on your projects or handling your maintenance in a safe and cost effective manner.

With our vast employee base — over 2800+ — our safety culture, productivity, and cross-skill capabilities mean we can apply what you need, when you need it most, reducing labor and safety risk to your operation.



Our Great Customers


Why Echo Group?

Why Echo Group Is Your Best Partner Choice.

Our customers achieve high-performance construction, maintenance, and turnaround success which lowers cost and optimizes production. They achieve this because of our E8 Solutions, REP Methodology, our safety record, our skilled and experienced people, and long-term partnerships.

Echo Group ownership and employees are involved in their communities. The company donates to a large array of local, state, and national organizations—especially investing in youth. And our people can be seen at the grocery store, playing in recreational sports, and raising their kids right alongside our customers.


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